Addressing Stress and Insomnia May Make Your Work Team More Effective

Worrying about an upcoming project. Struggling to make others work together as a team. Feeling unprepared, unappreciated and lacking the motivation needed to continue working towards a goal. These are common problems that all corporate managers and their staff experience every day. These issues lead to stress and then insomnia and potentially illness. Creativity suffers and projects experience delays due to insomnia and stress. These problems damage companies and reduces the potential of many people. The first step is to eliminate insomnia and make it possible for everyone to have the energy to produce their best work.

Reducing Potential Triggers

Alcohol and drugs, a poor diet and too much caffeine are all insomnia triggers. Eliminating these will help many people to sleep through the night. Avoid caffeine after the morning cup of coffee is finished and limit consumption to one cup a day. Do not eat or consume alcohol within two hours of bedtime and avoid heavy or spicy meals at dinnertime. Some prescription drugs cause insomnia and other sleep-related problems. Check with a doctor to determine if this could partially be to blame.

Establish New Routines

Set a bedtime and keep it, even on the weekends. Get up at the same time each day and avoid taking naps. Get some form of exercise every day. Physical activity is a wonderful way to release stress and it is important for weight control and cardiovascular health. Exercise in the morning or early afternoon to prevent the hormone boost it provides from preventing sleep.

Learn Stress Management

Stress is the most common cause of insomnia. Consider learning to meditate, have a massage or practice deep breathing. Department managers can incorporate many stress reduction techniques into a company wellness plan to help their staff stay relaxed. Offer a gym or spa membership to employees or add stress breaks in the workday to encourage everyone to take a few minutes and relax.

With stress and insomnia under control, everyone is healthier, happier and will have a mind that is clear of creativity-blocking thoughts. This is when it is time to work on team building and employee motivation. At this point visit to discover where to find the experts that can help corporate employers to maximize their potential every day.