The Effects of Painkillers on Brain Function

The regular use of opioid painkillers causes alterations in the brain that lead to addiction, which is a dangerous problem on its own. However, prescription opioids can also cause damage to brain chemistry and structure that affect your thinking and emotions. This damage can be healed over time, but it takes a long time, and the changes create additional challenges to overcoming addiction. understands the multilayered effects of long-term painkiller addiction, and can help you find the best treatment possible for you or your loved one afflicted with prescription opioid addiction.

Using prescription opioids for as few as thirty days in a row has been shown to reduce the volume of brain matter that is responsible for the regulation of cravings, emotions, and pain. It also disrupts the brain’s neurotransmitter system by attaching to opioid receptors that control our experience of pain, pleasure, and reward. At first, prescription opioids block pain signals, but if used for more than a short span of time, they will actually increase your sensitivity to pain. When taken in larger doses than needed to treat pain, these medications can also create euphoria and a deep sense of relaxation that are not only psychologically addictive, because you want to repeat the experience, but physically addictive, because the brain seeks to balance out the unnatural flood of the neurotransmitter dopamine that created the euphoria by reducing the amount of dopamine produced and shutting off opiate receptors.

An impaired neurotransmitter system results in an individual who is unable to experience feelings of pleasure and pain in a “normal” way, and whose reward system has been trained to seek out opioids as a result. Depression naturally follows these changes in the brain, as the individual finds themselves unable to experience pleasure, and overly sensitive to pain sensations. They need to take larger and larger doses of opioids to ward off this suffering, putting themselves at risk of overdose without even experiencing the euphoric high they used to get from drug use. Recent research showed that people who use opioid painkillers for 180 days or longer (even taking them as prescribed) are 53% more likely to experience depression that people who use opiates for a shorter span of time.

The long term use of opioid painkillers also damages brain cells that are associated with memory, learning, and cognition, as well as reduces the flow of blood to the brain in ways that can trigger short term memory loss. A recent study found that long-term or heavy use of prescription opioids can increase your risk for cognitive decline and dementia. Some of these impairments related to thinking and memory can be remedied by drug detox and addiction treatment, and some treatment facilities provide specialized therapies designed to help patients improve damaged cognition while also overcoming opiate addiction. Talk therapy, medications, and occupational therapy can also be helpful in these cases, but the sooner the user gets professional treatment, the better able the brain and body will be to recover.

How often should I deep-clean my commercial kitchen?

Keeping your commercial kitchen spotless is not only a question of professional standards but also critical for the safe operation of your business by creating a clean and hygienic food preparation area.

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Having your kitchen deep cleaned obviously makes sense, but how often should you do it and what exactly does it involve?

A deep clean

While your kitchen will be kept clean through the day-to-day course of operation, the expert techniques involved in giving you kitchen a deep and thorough clean will ensure that all your equipment functions properly and is safe and hygienic to use.

Your grills, extractor fans and work surfaces should all undergo deep cleaning that leaves them germ-free and in compliance with health and safety regulations for commercial kitchens. Particular attention must be paid to your extractor equipment and to ensuring that every inch of your commercial ovens, including the out-of-sight elements of your combi ovens from suppliers such as 247 Catering Supplies, are spotless and functioning like new.

Other potential trouble spots, such as fridge and freezer door seals, should also be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure they are functioning properly and preserving food at the correct temperature.

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How often does my kitchen need a deep clean?

According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, a commercial kitchen should be deep cleaned every six months; however, this should be supported by a proper cleaning protocol so that cleanliness standards are maintained at all times.

For peace of mind, you may prefer to schedule extra deep cleaning sessions during the year; in addition, more regular deep cleaning may be a requirement if you need to meet the requirements of the five-star food hygiene rating. If you have just taken over a commercial kitchen, you may find that a one off-deep clean is essential before you open for business.

Choosing a cleaning contractor

However good your cleaning and hygiene protocols, this is one job that you need to leave to the professionals. You may already use a contractor; if not, ask the previous owners of the business for their recommendations, if appropriate, or ask around for a firm with references and a proven track record. Keeping your kitchen clean helps you to take control of kitchen hygiene in the most efficient manner.…

Cuts of Chicken and How to Cook Them

The two main cuts of chicken are the leg and the breast. They both have advantages, but it is important to ensure you cook them correctly or you could end up with a tough and tasteless dish that no one enjoys. The wings could be considered as the third cut, but they often do not make it as far as the table.

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Chicken Breast

The breast meat is paler in colour than the leg meat and is generally more tender. Which is why it can be cooked so quickly. If you can afford corn-fed free-range chicken, so much the better. It is always best to choose the highest-quality meat you can afford and be careful not to overcook it.

Chicken is always chilled when it comes out of butchers fridges, so it is a good idea to bring it to room temperature before putting it in the oven. To ensure that it remains moist and succulent, preheat the oven to gas mark 7 or 220 C and bake on a foil-lined tray. If your chicken breasts are of varying thicknesses, beat the thicker ones to the same depth as the others.

When you have brushed the fillets with oil and added seasoning, bake them uncovered for ten minutes, and then turn over and bake on the other side for another eight minutes or until the juices run clear. Eating Well gives alternative methods for checking that meat is properly cooked. Allow the chicken to rest for a few minutes before you serve it. If you are buying cooked chicken, ensure it has been stored at the correct temperature. Food businesses can find all the equipment they need from suppliers such as


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Chicken Legs

Chicken legs can be separated into the thigh and the drumstick. The meat is darker than breast meat and benefits from long, slow cooking as it is not as tender. Chicken leg cuts are much cheaper than chicken breasts but also have a far superior flavor. So as long as you are not in a hurry, go for the leg when you can. Chicken legs are ideal for casseroles, curries and pies that need longer cooking times than chicken breast recipes.

Of course, whole roast chickens are always popular and very easy to cook if you are feeding a crowd.…

Fruit Juice Can Maintain Beauty and Healthy Skin

Today the more advanced technology, the more beauty products are sold in the market and promising skin beauty. From cheap to expensive products, orange-flavored to lavender, all of which have been tried not to be missed, for one thing, beautiful skin shines. But it turns out, sometimes the results are also not satisfactory.

Fruit juice has many benefits for the health of the body, the fruit contains many nutrients needed by the body. Fruit juice is now an alternative drink that is widely consumed as another way to enjoy fresh fruits, try cold pressed juice jakarta, the best cold presses juice in Jakarta. Many drinks producers compete to make processed fruit-based drinks with various flavor variants, no wonder if now many fruit juices sold in the mini market in the form of packaging. In addition there are now more and more fruit juice vendors on the roadside.

How dong in order to have beautiful skin shine like a celebrity?

Actually not all celebrities rely on expensive products for skin care. In fact, most of them rely on exclusive and inexpensive treatments of nature.
True, the fruits that exist in nature contain various nutrients and vitamins that the skin needs to stay beautiful, healthy and shining. Lately, many celebrities are also back to rely on the efficacy of fruit juice to care for her beauty.

Which fruit juice is believed to be a natural skin beauty doctor?

1. Orange Juice
Contains vitamin C that can brighten the skin, orange juice has become one of the favorite drink in the western world. In addition to helping improve the body immune, nutrients contained in orange juice is very useful to care for skin beauty and enlighten it. No wonder if many products that rely on oranges as an ingredient in the product?

2. Apple Juice
The beauty doctor is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and natural antioxidants. It is recommended by experts that we eat 2 apples every day to maintain health and care for skin beauty.

3. Watermelon juice
This juice is rich in water content, so useful in maintaining skin moisture. In addition, nutrients such as vitamin E and C are also contained in watermelon fruit.

4. Papaya Juice
Similar to citrus fruit, papaya fruit is also dependable in terms of beauty. Papaya also has properties that can brighten and care for the skin. Especially you who have acne skin, you can consume papaya juice.

5. Combination of fruit and vegetable juices
Picking the various benefits of vegetables and fruits, you can also combine these two natural ingredients into fresh juices are healthy for the body and skin. You can try a combination of spinach, cabbage, and carrots with the fruits mentioned above.

To get beautiful skin shine, balance also with sports and drinking mineral water.…

Natural Cancer Treatments

Unfortunately, no person is safe from cancer. You could be leading the healthiest type of life, wake up at 7 am, get a healthy breakfast go for a jog before going to work, never smoke or drink alcohol and could still be diagnosed with it. Either way, it would be important to know effective treatments which could tackle the disease at the early stages, which will in no way interfere with the treatments your doctor would prescribe you to go through. Visiting a specialist cancer centre, such as Cancer Treatment Mexico (, will allow you to further understand the natural cancer treatments available.

The Gerson Therapy

Albert Schweitzer, a doctor and a Nobel peace prize winner describes Dr. Max Gerson as “a genius in the history of medicine”. His cancer treatment was developed almost a hundred years ago and still proves to be ones of the most effective ones available out there. The original intention of the Gerson therapy was to find an efficient cure to migraines; however, it was later discovered that the diet which the patients follow once they opt in for the therapy has a tremendous effect on handling skin tuberculosis. He later adjusted his therapy to battle other diseases in the face of kidney failure, heart disease and then cancer. It mostly consists of the utilization of nutrients such as beef liver, raw juices, organic plant-based foods and coffee enemas.

It is meant to target the metabolism of the person conducting the therapy. As you follow the specifically designed for your diet, your body will be able to gain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. A high-quality nutrition program could battle any health problem and help the body to naturally restore itself to a healthy state.

The Budwig Protocol

Developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, She has done a tremendous research on oils and fats and explains how the conventionally refined substances could easily lead to the destruction of the membranes in our cells. Naturally, that would lead to different types of diseases as well as cancer. This “treatment” is more of a prevention method rather than one which would work after a diagnosis. By following a concrete diet, Dr. Budwig attempts to counteract all of the process which might cause cancer.

The idea is to replace all of the processed oils and fats with fatty acids like Omega 3. That would enable your cells to function properly and allow them to rejuvenate and rebuild themselves. The diet consists of the utilization of flaxseeds, cottage cheese, and flaxseed oil. The combination of the three enables your body to absorb all of the necessary substances out of the ingredients such as sulfur protein, saturated fats, and flax. The therapy was developed in the fifties, and agriculture has changed quite a lot since then, so a proper adjustment of the therapy is also required.

Adopting one of those two diets in your daily routine will reduce the risks of cancer and will have a beneficial effect if you are already battling it.…

DIY Skin Care at Home

Every day facial skin exposed to pollution, dirt, harmful sunlight and other factors. Over time these things will bring bad effects on the skin. Therefore facial skin requires consistent and routine maintenance to keep skin looking beautiful, perfect and youthful. Now you can DIY skin care at your home.

DIY How To Take Care Of Face Skin At Home.

Facial skin is actually quite smooth. For that, daily maintenance should always include cleaning, toning, exfoliating, daytime moisturizing, make-up cleaning, and ending with nighttime moisturizer. In addition must be supported by food intake containing vitamins, minerals and protein. Drink plenty of water, but avoid soda and caffeinated drinks. Adequate rest and regular exercise are other important factors for maintaining healthy skin. In doing routine maintenance, you should also pay attention to the following:

  1. Avoid using hard soap to clean facial skin, because it can damage the skin’s nutrients and accelerate the aging process
  2. Use a special make-up cleanser, do not just rinse with water
  3. Avoid rubbing your facial skin too hard
  4. Choose a care product that suits your skin type and is safe for the environment
  5. Get used to do the test first, before using a new product
  6. Always use sunscreen products to protect exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun
  7. The use of facial masks is also important to remove dirt, dead skin cells and fluids that come out of the pores of the face.

Some Tips For Caring For Face Skin At Home

1. Facial With Cucumber Mask:

  • 1/2 cup of grated cucumber
  • 1/2 cup of grated avocado
  • 1 egg yolks
  • 2 teaspoons milk powder

Stir all ingredients until mixed evenly. Spread it on face and rest it for 30 minutes. Wash your face alternately with warm and cold water. This mask will help maintain skin moisture.


2. Facial For Dry Skin

  • 1 egg yolks
  • 2 teaspoons of almond oil
  • 1 banana

Mix all ingredients in a container and stir until it becomes a paste. Apply this mask on face and let stand for 20 minutes. Wash your face with warm water and your face will look bright.

Facial skin care at home was not difficult, quite simple and cheap, because it can be done alone at home using the materials available. Without having to spend money to buy commercial care products and can be exposed to the risk of side effects. Dermatologists recommend taking facial skin care once a month.

Skin Care : Choosing the Right Sunscreen Cream

Sunscreen for your skin

Living in a tropical country like Indonesia keeps us in the abundance of sunshine. Sunlight will help the formation of calcium in bone. But the healthy sunshine only lasts until nine o’clock in the morning. Above nine o’clock in the morning the sun’s rays are blazing the skin. Too long exposure to sunlight can make our skin tone darker. Black spots can appear on the face. And that includes severe sunlight can trigger the emergence of skin cancer. And of course we want to be able to move without fear of side effects of sunlight.
Skin of a human
So can we enjoy the sun without being affected by the negative effects? Of course, I can. The key is on choosing the right sunscreen cream. Sunscreen or sunscreen is a cream that can help our skin ward off UVA and UVB rays from the sun.
Some powders and moisturizers are made already contain sunscreen. This product can be used if we are not too long exposed to sunlight. But if we are in the sun for a long time, it is better to use sunscreen cream that is specially made as sunscreen.
Lots of types and brands of sunscreen on the market. In order to optimize its use effect we must choose the right sunscreen. For example for oily skin it is better to use sunscreen in the form of lotion or gel. Sunscreen oil-based creams can trigger acne and blackheads.

Sunscreen Varians

Sunscreen with high SPF has stronger and longer protective power. Sunscreen should be used one hour before we are exposed to sunlight. After that the use of sunscreen can be repeated every two or three hours.
If we want to use sunscreen for water activities such as swimming, we should choose a waterproof sunscreen. So that we use sunscreen can be more durable. We are not too busy having to repeat the use of sunscreen.
So after we know how to choose the right sunscreen, we can freely do outdoor activities.