Fruit Juice Can Maintain Beauty and Healthy Skin

Today the more advanced technology, the more beauty products are sold in the market and promising skin beauty. From cheap to expensive products, orange-flavored to lavender, all of which have been tried not to be missed, for one thing, beautiful skin shines. But it turns out, sometimes the results are also not satisfactory.

Fruit juice has many benefits for the health of the body, the fruit contains many nutrients needed by the body. Fruit juice is now an alternative drink that is widely consumed as another way to enjoy fresh fruits, try cold pressed juice jakarta, the best cold presses juice in Jakarta. Many drinks producers compete to make processed fruit-based drinks with various flavor variants, no wonder if now many fruit juices sold in the mini market in the form of packaging. In addition there are now more and more fruit juice vendors on the roadside.

How dong in order to have beautiful skin shine like a celebrity?

Actually not all celebrities rely on expensive products for skin care. In fact, most of them rely on exclusive and inexpensive treatments of nature.
True, the fruits that exist in nature contain various nutrients and vitamins that the skin needs to stay beautiful, healthy and shining. Lately, many celebrities are also back to rely on the efficacy of fruit juice to care for her beauty.

Which fruit juice is believed to be a natural skin beauty doctor?

1. Orange Juice
Contains vitamin C that can brighten the skin, orange juice has become one of the favorite drink in the western world. In addition to helping improve the body immune, nutrients contained in orange juice is very useful to care for skin beauty and enlighten it. No wonder if many products that rely on oranges as an ingredient in the product?

2. Apple Juice
The beauty doctor is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and natural antioxidants. It is recommended by experts that we eat 2 apples every day to maintain health and care for skin beauty.

3. Watermelon juice
This juice is rich in water content, so useful in maintaining skin moisture. In addition, nutrients such as vitamin E and C are also contained in watermelon fruit.

4. Papaya Juice
Similar to citrus fruit, papaya fruit is also dependable in terms of beauty. Papaya also has properties that can brighten and care for the skin. Especially you who have acne skin, you can consume papaya juice.

5. Combination of fruit and vegetable juices
Picking the various benefits of vegetables and fruits, you can also combine these two natural ingredients into fresh juices are healthy for the body and skin. You can try a combination of spinach, cabbage, and carrots with the fruits mentioned above.

To get beautiful skin shine, balance also with sports and drinking mineral water.