Natural Cancer Treatments

Unfortunately, no person is safe from cancer. You could be leading the healthiest type of life, wake up at 7 am, get a healthy breakfast go for a jog before going to work, never smoke or drink alcohol and could still be diagnosed with it. Either way, it would be important to know effective treatments which could tackle the disease at the early stages, which will in no way interfere with the treatments your doctor would prescribe you to go through. Visiting a specialist cancer centre, such as Cancer Treatment Mexico (, will allow you to further understand the natural cancer treatments available.

The Gerson Therapy

Albert Schweitzer, a doctor and a Nobel peace prize winner describes Dr. Max Gerson as “a genius in the history of medicine”. His cancer treatment was developed almost a hundred years ago and still proves to be ones of the most effective ones available out there. The original intention of the Gerson therapy was to find an efficient cure to migraines; however, it was later discovered that the diet which the patients follow once they opt in for the therapy has a tremendous effect on handling skin tuberculosis. He later adjusted his therapy to battle other diseases in the face of kidney failure, heart disease and then cancer. It mostly consists of the utilization of nutrients such as beef liver, raw juices, organic plant-based foods and coffee enemas.

It is meant to target the metabolism of the person conducting the therapy. As you follow the specifically designed for your diet, your body will be able to gain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. A high-quality nutrition program could battle any health problem and help the body to naturally restore itself to a healthy state.

The Budwig Protocol

Developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, She has done a tremendous research on oils and fats and explains how the conventionally refined substances could easily lead to the destruction of the membranes in our cells. Naturally, that would lead to different types of diseases as well as cancer. This “treatment” is more of a prevention method rather than one which would work after a diagnosis. By following a concrete diet, Dr. Budwig attempts to counteract all of the process which might cause cancer.

The idea is to replace all of the processed oils and fats with fatty acids like Omega 3. That would enable your cells to function properly and allow them to rejuvenate and rebuild themselves. The diet consists of the utilization of flaxseeds, cottage cheese, and flaxseed oil. The combination of the three enables your body to absorb all of the necessary substances out of the ingredients such as sulfur protein, saturated fats, and flax. The therapy was developed in the fifties, and agriculture has changed quite a lot since then, so a proper adjustment of the therapy is also required.

Adopting one of those two diets in your daily routine will reduce the risks of cancer and will have a beneficial effect if you are already battling it.