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Things You Need to Know About Hurricane Window Shutters

People who live in hurricane-prone regions have to take precautionary measures to protect themselves, their homes and windows against damaging winds and flying debris. Although you can use different methods to protect your windows, hurricane shutters are considered the best option. Homeowners have different types of shutters they can choose from to protect their homes against the devastating winds caused by storms. Compared to other protection methods, shutters are more affordable, versatile and stronger. Here are some things you should keep in mind about hurricane shutters.

It’s important to understand that hurricane shutters should never be substituted with plywood. Hurricane shutters offer far more protection against storms than plywood. Hurricane shutters are built to be strong enough to withstand hurricane winds and also meet all necessary industry codes and design requirements by states. Although many people still use plywood as a last-minute solution for storm protection, it shouldn’t be a permanent solution. For people who live in areas most prone to hurricanes, investing in the best hurricane shutters is the best option.

There are different types of hurricane shutters. The common types include roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, Bahama shutters and storm panels. Roll-down shutters are installed permanently and can be used all year for hurricane protection, shade from the sun and added security. For accordion shutters, installation is also permanent with simple rolling required along a track ensuring easy use. For temporary installation, storm panels are the best due to their affordability and clear design for a better view. If you want permanent shutters that can enhance the look of your home, Bahamas shutters are the best option. The type you select should be based on the level of protection you want.
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Hurricane shutters should also be well-taken care of and cleaned frequently. Considering that they are your first line of defense during a storm, you should make sure that they are working efficiently. Whatever type of shutters you have, it’s highly recommended that you have them inspected at least once a hear before the hurricane season by a licensed professional. In case you have noted small problems like malfunctioning rollers or cracked shutters, you should immediately call a professional to fix the problems. Regular opening and closing of installed shutters will help you know if they are working properly. For cleaning, some warm water and mild soap will do the job.
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When it comes to buying quality hurricane shutters, consider buying only from the most reputable companies. While some people opt for DIY installation of hurricane shutters, it’s highly advisable to hire an experienced professional for the initial installation. That assures you that they will be installed in a way that provides maximum window and home protection. Professional installation also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects against possible defects. Working with the right experts helps you understand everything about the options available, installation and maintenance.